Innovative Ideas for Corporate Team Building Events

Team building events help the company as a whole become stronger. It creates trust, presents opportunities to display everyone’s skills, improves communication and builds a bond between co-workers. When there is trust among employees, reliable relationships are formed. When there is trust, people feel safer to be vulnerable and honest about their capabilities. This creates room for growth and improvement in different areas for [...]

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Destination Event Planning: Tips for Organising in Unique Locations

Destination Event Planning: Tips for Organising in Unique Locations We think we can speak for everyone when we say that a common goal that we all share is to travel. To see a sunset from a beach outside of one’s own city can only be defined as a far-fetched dream that might even seem impossible to come true. It is because of this fantastical [...]

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Networking Event Checklist – Ensuring a Flawless Execution

Networking... An introvert’s worst nightmare! Having to expand your circle through means of physical interaction and coming out of one’s shell. While intimidating, networking is vital to creating connections and, when placed in a professional setting, could positively impact growth and development in one’s career. This is where Networking Events come into play. They provide the space for professionals to meet up and interact [...]

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Trade Show Planning 101: From Event Proposal to Execution

Like a kid in a candy store. We’re all familiar with this expression. Images of a variety of the same product are painted and all that’s left to do is reach out and pick your favourite out of the bunch. Trade shows paint a similar picture. It is an event which gathers individuals and/or companies belonging to the same industry or trade and allows [...]

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How to organise a seminar (or workshop)

What is a seminar? A seminar is defined as an event that offers its attendees a chance to be trained and informed on a particular business topic affecting the relevant industry. Two functions are then identified here, which would be for the seminar to inform and train. Knowing this, it can then be said that, when planning a seminar, the decisions made in the [...]

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Types Of Business & Corporate Events

The world of business is made up of different sectors that act according to their respective goals. Business and corporate events are therefore important for creating connections between the different sectors to ensure that the corporate world comes together and functions seamlessly. While serving as a point of connection, these events also aim to either inform, train, acknowledge, and/or sell.    Join us as we [...]

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Essential Services For A Seamless Event

Exploring Urbantonic’s Full Range of Event Production Services Everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to show off something that you took part in creating. Whether that be an abstract art exhibition, a new line of products or even a beautiful marriage, your creation has now become your baby and in proper parent fashion, you want to show the world how proud of [...]

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How To Organise A Pop-Up Event

We can all agree that a good movie or book is one that not only sparks interest but could also grab hold of said interest and never let it go. It gives you a taste of something you’ve never experienced before and leaves you wanting so much more. The same can be said for a pop-up event. Pop-ups are defined by the unique spaces [...]

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Event Industry Trends (2023)

Did you know that the events industry is continually evolving, especially due to the global pandemic, when technology was all, we could really depend on? Event planners had to adopt virtual event platforms to comply with the covid 19 restrictions. We are here to keep you up to date on some of the top event industry trends. 1. More Focus on Outdoor Events When [...]

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How To Hire Event Staff

It’s that time of the year again when you are expected to go above and beyond for your most difficult client. They always want the best and let you know they have the budget for it. So where do you even begin, if your client is looking for top-quality staff?! 1. Know your client It’s always a good idea to understand your client and [...]

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