It’s summertime and the livin is easy! And we are about to make it a whole lot easier with insider tips and tricks to plan an outdoor event. Let’s get planning!

Summer is finally here and it is time to celebrate. Whether you are celebrating your engagement (’tis the season mense), or you are celebrating ‘Woza Dezemba’, why not do it outside in ‘golden hour’ or under the stars? we are, however, making the assumption that the weather is permitting.

On that note, when planning an outdoor event, one should always check with the weatherman first. Pop onto good old faithful, Weather 24 for extended forecasts or take a look at the news so that you are caught in the rain wearing nothing but your ‘Faf speedo”.  Although, some may argue that you were prepared. By checking the weather first, you not only avoid uncomfortable situations, like previously mentioned, but it also gives you an idea as to whether the venue you had in mind can cater for all four seasons.

When planning an outdoor event it is important to map out your space and have an idea as to where you will be wanting to place certain aspects of your event. In many cases, the space that you are utilising will be a ‘natural’, uneven and oddly shaped back garden, beachfront or grass patch. Because you are not marked by four walls and a ‘flowing room’ it can get a bit confusing.  In this instance, you can either stick with a shape formation or you can go with the lay of the land! Either choice can be a viable option for your venue. Get creative by using trees, flower beds, or bushes as markers to either centre your entertainment area or where you will be cornering the space off. For example, Your dance floor could be placed between two lavender bushes and your bar could be placed under an oak tree.

It is always good to have spatial awareness as you do not want your guests to be too close together, nor do you want them to be lost in the open space. A clever way to demarcate your event space is by using lanterns, jar lighting, heaters, comfy ‘corner’ lounge pockets and festoon lighting. For example, unless it is rigged into the trees, festoon lighting is usually rigged onto large poles, placed on the edges of the event space, lighting up that space in between. Not only do these poles give structure to the space but the lighting itself does so too, not only by its draped shape and the fact that it looks stunning but also by creating a false sense of a roof!

Good luck for your outdoor event plans for this Summer!