Did you know that the events industry is continually evolving, especially due to the global pandemic, when technology was all, we could really depend on? Event planners had to adopt virtual event platforms to comply with the covid 19 restrictions. We are here to keep you up to date on some of the top event industry trends.

1. More Focus on Outdoor Events

When social distancing and restrictions on capacity were a key part of our everyday lives, event planners made use of the outdoors, making sure it was safer, creating more space, and allowing guests to “social distance”.

2. Creation of Mobile Apps

Event apps were a big hit, as they offered extra information to guests, before and during the event. It was another form of creating connections, networking and advertising the event itself. Event apps have made it easier to purchase tickets, food and beverages by avoiding long lines and unhappy guests.

3. Live Streaming

Live streaming a product or event is a brilliant way to include guests who are unable to physically attend. Millennials are more likely to engage in these types of industry trends as they are more receptive to new experiences and concepts.

4. Big Focus on Health and Safety

Covid 19 forced event planners to focus more on their guest’s health and safety. By providing a big enough venue or sanitiser stations around the event, more attendees are guaranteed to leave the house having peace of mind, knowing their health is taken into consideration.

5. Hybrid Events

According to research, 63% of planners in the event industry are designing their future events in a hybrid format. Not only does hosting a meeting that combines physical and virtual components offer greater flexibility, but it also reduces travel and environmental costs.

Event planners are using some of these trends and finding even more inspiration to take their events to the next level. What future trends do you think, will make their way into the event industry?