It’s that time of the year again when you are expected to go above and beyond for your most difficult client. They always want the best and let you know they have the budget for it. So where do you even begin, if your client is looking for top-quality staff?!

1. Know your client

It’s always a good idea to understand your client and their expectations. If you try to get to know your client, you could be a better judge of which staff would be best for her specific event. Maybe she is a very serious woman and requires reserved, professionals to make sure her guests are attended to accordingly. Maybe she is charismatic and has a strong personality and wants staff to smile and give off a more easy-going feel.

2. What is their budget?

Depending on the type of event being held, some will dedicate a significant amount of the budget to staffing. Smaller or more informal events like a cocktail party, may require less experienced staff, which you could say would be more “affordable”. Once you know what budget has been set aside for staffing, you will have a better understanding of the level of experience required for the event.

3. Understand the staffing goals of the event

Maybe your client wants staff who are good at interacting with guests. Once you know certain goals, such as this one, you can hire staff who are confident, professional and able to have conversations with guests. Knowing what personality type your client requires for staffing, will help you significantly, in choosing the correct individuals to work at the event.

4. Interviewing staff

You can never go wrong with interviewing staff you are wanting to send to a specific job or event. Asking them appropriate questions and understanding what level of qualification they have, will also make your decision a little easier.

In event management, the pressure to hire the right staff is high. Whether you’re hiring waiters for a wedding or a party, or assembling a dedicated team of event support staff, the process can be stressful. By following the necessary steps, understanding your client’s needs, and trusting your instincts, you can navigate the challenges and find the ideal staff members. Remember, success lies in careful selection. So, take a deep breath, trust your gut, and embark on curating a remarkable event experience. Good luck!