Tell me more, tell me more about those summer nights!

As summer arrives, it dawns on us all that we are in the final stretch of yet another successful year. And you better believe that we are going to celebrate it! When it comes to Summertime events, keep it light and bright, festive and flowy. Summer days in South Africa are always scorching hot and are best spent by the pool, by the seaside and with an ice-cold beverage in hand. Any theme that imitates or revolves around these ideas is a must-do for your summertime event.

Some examples of classic summertime event themes include ‘All white’, ‘Hawaiian’, ‘Ibiza’ and ‘Greece’. Whilst these are perfect summertime themes, being accommodating and cool, there are an array of new ideas that are equally as creative, colourful and festive. If anything, festive should be the word of the summer. We are all eager now that this will be officially the first summer out of the Covid-Pandemic. And whilst we still need to be cautious, respectful and mindful of others, it is the perfect time to celebrate life with those we love, in the places that we love. Whilst one may not be ready to attend a festival yet, one can bring that same atmosphere to their personal summertime event. Such themes can be interpreted in many different ways and are ultimately dependent on the individual. Some may stick to the classic Woodstock, floral feel or adventure into the glitter and rhinestone glimmer of Coachella. Whatever kind of ‘festival go-er’ you choose to be, you are bound to be comfortable, colourful and ready to celebrate.

As the host of a summertime event, it is always best to keep it light and bright. Whichever theme you choose for your event, stick to the bright colours within such themes colour pallets. Another hot tip is to stick to using all white with regard to linen, furniture and decor (where applicable). This immediately gives the bright, cool and fresh feel to your event, without having to go over the top. Bring in hints of colour where necessary. For example, you could bring in touches of blue, cerise and yellow for your ‘Mamma mia in Milnerton theme’ or use mirrors, feathers and disco balls for your ‘Festival in Franschhoek’ event.