Spring has sprung and this season we are all about keeping it fresh, funky and floral. We all love our knee-length boots and our moody oversized jerseys but it is time to bring out the colour.

Floral is the signature theme of spring and to mirror our blossoming environment, we will always advocate for a floral event. One does not need to spend a fortune on floral itself but can leave that up to the dress code. Keep your event fresh by incorporating white and green into your look and feel and let the guests be the ‘pops of colour.’ One can also go completely ‘Namaqualand,’ and
embrace the bright hues of cerise, orange and lime to name but a few. Either way, both themes welcome the new season. It is up to you whether you want to be more fresh or more funky.

Spring is also Springbok season! What a perfect excuse for an event and a way to ‘back the boys’. Grab your Springbok supporter attire, some boerie for the braai and watch the game with family or friends. Rugby season is perfect for bringing everyone out of hibernation and back into springtime socialising. We do not just have to have the Braais out for rugby but also to celebrate Heritage
day. Having a Braai, potjie or shisanyama are just a few ways to celebrate our beautifully diverse country. Heritage day is a day of celebrating our individual cultures but also our collective South African Culture. Having a heritage day event is a must-have spring time occasion. Having an office celebration or a get-together with friends and family is a fabulous way of getting to know those around you on a deeper level. It celebrates our individuality, whilst also championing what brings us together as one.

If you want to ‘take it up a notch’ Spring is also the season of the Rugby World Sevens. Sevens rugby is all about getting dressed up. Tickets to the game are a hot commodity but whether you are watching at the stadium, or at home, why not have a pre-Sevens party? It is the perfect springtime event theme as it is light-hearted, full of fun and always festive.

Hot tip – Whilst the days are getting longer and the sun is making more of an appearance, winter is not quite ready to let us go. The nights are still a bit fresh so midday events into the early evening are most popular; ending off the day with the mother city’s signature sunset.