Keeping it cosy! There is something so magical about a winter event; besides not having to worry about running makeup or sweat stains. A winter event naturally adds a sense of formality as the outfits cover more, the coats come out and people get a lot more dressed up (literally and fashionably speaking). Even though the outfit options are endless, the event theme ideas can sometimes lack creativity. Not to mention any names… Winter wonderland.

When coming up with a theme idea for a winter event, you can use the winter season in your favour or go completely against the grain! One could choose to follow a more moody feel, having an all-white theme, a formal affair or you could spice things up and reminisce about ‘those summer nights’. Do not be afraid of doing something unconventional. However one does have to be clever about execution when going about both conventional and unconventional winter themes.

Whether you have chosen a ‘wintery’ event theme or a theme that shares multiple seasons, no matter what, keep warm! Just because your winter event theme is tropical, does not mean everyone has to brave the chills in their sarongs and board shorts. Bring the outside inside – create the illusion that you are outside, at the beach or at a summer festival; which can be done in a million and one ways. Through event decor, event styling, furniture, food and beverage, and of course heaters. These event planning ideas also apply to a moody, winter event theme. Offer cherry and gluvine as opposed to champagne, scatter the space with cosy-couture lounge pockets and if your venue can accommodate it, light that wood fire!