You may be perfectly capable of planning and executing the event yourself, but it is always a great idea to bring in an event planner or a professional event management company.

In any instance, it is good to do your research before making a commitment, but it is particularly pertinent when it comes to hiring an event planner. As event planners, here are a few key points on what you need to know before hiring an event planner.

At the end of the day, it is your event that you are planning, so it is important to find someone who can execute and incorporate the style that you are wanting. As event planners, we have pulled off numerous themes and styles but such themes and styles can all be interpreted and portrayed differently. Therefore it is important to know the style of an event planner, as your style and their styles may differ. Take a look at their previous works on their website or social media and read up on their reviews. Instagram is a great research tool as it is easily accessible and offers images and comments on the event planners’ work.

If you have an event planner in mind, it is very important to see how connected they are within the industry; furthermore with whom are they connected. Again, social media is a fantastic tool. You can see who they are ‘following’, who they are tagging in events, and ultimately who they choose to work with. It is always good to have good connections; you are known by the company you keep.

Know what the ‘damage’ will be. Price is a big thing as without the moola there will be no event. Make sure that you know exactly what the event planner’s management fees are as well as where they are based. With our current cost of petrol, travel is expensive, so make sure that your event planner in mind is within an accessible radius. If they are out of the area it directly affects your costs. Not only will their fee increase but delivery and collection for your event will too. Ultimately – before hiring an event planner, make sure that they are budget-friendly.

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