Whether you are ‘flip-folder’ organised, want to get the planning out the way, or you have left it to the very last few days – we have you covered! There are a lot of factors that go into planning a wedding which can make the ordeal rather overwhelming. With industry insight, here are a few ways to simplify, speed up the process and ultimately plan a wedding in record time.

Event decoration ideas – So you have your venue. That is one big tick off the list! Now it is time to decorate. You have chosen your venue for multiple reasons and no doubt that the main reason is because of how stunning it is. Use this to your advantage when compiling your event decoration ideas. Look at what you have to work with and go from there. Maybe you want to keep it simple, highlighting your surroundings, maybe you want to have a theme following the mood or you want to make things your own bringing in pops of your soon to be ‘duo personality’. The internet is your oyster! Instagram and Pinterest have a plethora of images and inspiration that you can make good use of. Do not hesitate to give someone a ‘follow’ or dive into ‘Reels’ if you see an aesthetic you love! Top tip: Follow the florists and event decor guru’s on social media to see what magic they are creating with events leading up to your special day.

Event decor hire – Find someone who reflects your ideas as well as your ethos. Again, social media is a wonderful tool as you can visualise what they are able to create as well as get to know more about the creative and their company. Some companies may be limited in what they are able to provide. You can however make arrangements with the company so that they can order, prep and supply the event decor that you are looking for. It may seem tricky but try to hire event decor from one, if not, two companies. It makes your life and theirs, a lot easier. Familiar with the saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth?’ – It applies to creatives too.

Event decoration – You have your ideas and inspiration! Make sure that these are clearly portrayed to the event decor team as well as that they have all relevant information far in advance. Make sure that your ideas are refined and to the point to avoid any uncertainty or allow for ‘unwanted free reign’. By doing so the decor team has clear guidelines, can schedule prep time and set up time and make sure that your idea is portrayed clearly and effectively. Clarity and communication is key! It also cuts costs, saves on unwanted stress and allows for effective decoration events management.

Seasons are changing – The weather is as unpredictable as load shedding and what it will choose to do on your day is completely out of your control…But you can be prepared! I am not saying have heaters ready for your wedding, in February, in Durban but it is definitely worth investing some time into the weatherman. Prepare for what is being offered as well as have a back up – Look into having baskets of throw blankets, paper parasols to shield from the sun or Perspex umbrellas in case of a light drizzle.

Even though there is always concern as to what the chosen season will bring, playing with the seasons and incorporating them into your day is always something special. Autumn events are particularly moody, bringing in the last golden hours of summer, the red and orange abscission of autumn, with the icy chills of an impending winter. Autumn Event decor allows you to play with the colours given to you by nature! Red, orange, brown, dark maroon, speckled greens. You can choose to keep it simple to not draw away from the colours around you. Use gold, natural browns, white and even black in your event table decor to complement the burnt natural tones.

How to plan a wedding in record time