event trendsEVENT TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2024

We’ve done some research of our own and formulated a list of five upcoming event trends to watch out for in 2024. The Events Industry is known for its ever-changing and fast-paced nature. Events are magical in that they can turn a proposed concept into a real-life experience for their attendees. These concepts are majorly influenced by the leading ideas that draw on the interest of the majority of the public. Therefore, whatever influences the public influences events. To put it simply, whatever should be trending at a certain point in time most likely will affect how an event will take place. It is then important to be aware of upcoming trends as they could provide a sense of structure on which you could build your future events.

These trends are namely:

  1. While live events still predominate, virtual events are here to stay.
  2. Experimentation with Artificial Intelligence will become more popular.
  3. Events packed with development and learning opportunities grow in popularity.
  4. Technology unites planners and venues.
  5. Accessible, sustainable events reflect brand values.

Follow along as we dive into what these trends are and how they can benefit your event.

  1. While live events still predominate, virtual events are here to stay.

Face-to-face interaction has been the heart of all events to date. But with the period of isolation introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, all forms of communication and interaction became virtual. Virtual reality then became convenient for allowing businesses to meet. As a result, virtual gatherings became implemented post-pandemic due to their convenience.

While face-to-face meetings allow for the development of deeper connections between attendees, virtual gatherings are popular for their convenience and straight-to-the-point nature.

  1. Experimentation with Artificial Intelligence will become more popular.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) grew in popularity in the events industry due to its ability to handle time-consuming tasks. This allows event managers more time to focus and dedicate themselves to more strategic and creative event duties.

Due to their convenience, AI tools such as ChatGPT, will be further explored and experimented with in the industry. The industry will develop the tools’ sense of sophistication and proficiency to normalize its use in a professional setting. This will benefit the events industry as its development of such professionalism could help with producing event and campaign content.

  1. Events packed with development and learning opportunities grow in popularity.

Another trend to watch out for in 2024 is the rise of events with a focus on skill development. Events which aim to provide opportunities for self and professional enrichment will be on the rise in the new year as attendees are becoming more intentional about their time and effort. These events are rich in value as they give attendees access to tools and habits which help them better themselves whether that be professionally or holistically.

  1. Venues and planners are united via technology.

Staffing shortages have persisted in the hospitality industry in recent years, and teams in charge of marketing and events have been expected to accomplish more with smaller
budgets or fewer resources. Technology will play a significant role in addressing these issues in 2024. The reason is that collaboration amongst suppliers, venues, and event planners is enhanced by technology.

  1. Sustainable and accessible events reflect brand values.

Consumers are becoming more mindful of the companies that they choose to support. Two company traits that these consumers are now more aware of is a company’s commitment to social issues such as sustainability and inclusivity. Sustainability and inclusivity relay the message of good business ethics of a company’s brand.  It’s critical to make sure your events are inclusive and accessible to everyone as well as being good for the environment. You can lose out on the chance to interact with a far larger audience if your events aren’t friendly and open to everybody.

And there you have it! Five trends to look out for in 2024 that could greatly benefit your event. While we’ve only listed five, there are many more to still be explored!