Trying to determine what the average cost is for a wedding in South Africa is not an easy task. Venues and suppliers’ fees differ hugely and of course, every couple’s budget is different. You can easily have an intimate wedding at an all-inclusive venue for R750 per head, or you can have a 3-day affair with all the bells and whistles which can cost you millions of rands. Not only does the style of the wedding affect the costs but also the season and the city you choose to marry in. Coastal cities and towns tend to come in more costly when it comes to weddings in comparison to their more inland counterparts.

Elements Of A Wedding Budget

It goes without saying that your venue and catering will take up most of your budget and this is one hundred per cent normal regardless of which city you get married in. Your photographer will come in quite close after this and this isn’t something you really want to skimp on as they are capturing memories you’ll want to relive forever. It’s very possible that by now, you have already spent well over R100 000. What is left to consider is music or entertainment, bar, décor and floral, the cake, staff, attire for the bride, groom and their parties, hair and makeup, and stationery. These are what one can consider the “basics” or necessities in organising a wedding. Once all of this has been organised, it’s possible your costs are sitting at about R250 000 – R300 000 which most organisers would agree is the average cost of a wedding in South Africa.

There are plenty of moving parts and variables involved in budgeting for a wedding. It’s possible that your venue is well-equipped, and you don’t need to bring in the likes of a dancefloor, a DJ booth, or lighting. It’s also possible that you have opted for a basic venue, and you are needing to bring all of this in along with stretch tents and other infrastructure.

Adding on elements like gifts for guests, videographers, ceiling installations, luxurious flowers and décor, designer dresses and suits, a full open bar and hired furniture can bring up your costs significantly. With all of this involved, you can pay well over a million rand for a wedding.

Many venues and suppliers run specials or have lower fees during the low season. A very costly venue in summer can be hired for significantly less during winter and if the venue is important to you, it might be worthwhile considering a winter wedding. We have another post all about winter weddings!

How To Budget For A Wedding

It is all up to the bride and groom and what is truly important to them. For some, food is the most important part and they would prefer to spend the majority of their budget on giving their guests a truly memorable dining experience. Decide on the catering prices per head you are willing to pay ahead of booking a caterer. For others, it could be all about the music and throwing an awesome party. The same goes for flowers, lighting, and attire. When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, pick your top non-negotiables and take it from there. Good luck!

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