The key to planning a successful event (be it big or small) is starting early, being methodical and organized, and keeping a cool head when things don’t always go according to plan! Whether you are planning the perfect fairy-tale wedding, a themed birthday event, or the office Christmas party, there are a few tricks of the trade that will keep you on track.

1. Begin planning as soon as possible

The earlier you can start planning the better! Event management is all about being organized. A large event like a wedding typically requires at least four to six months in advance to plan, whilst the smaller more intimate events may only take a month to arrange.

2. Decide on your key objectives

Before jumping in and deciding on playlists or flowers, take some time to think about your key objectives and visualize what you want to achieve and who your target audience is.

3. Set a clear budget and negotiate

Events can be supremely stressful affairs when not managed properly. When anyone seeks my advice on how to manage an event, my advice is always setting a clear budget, sticking to your budget plan (updating it constantly if necessary), and negotiating wherever possible. Remember that there are always unforeseen expenses, and everything is negotiable. Your budget will define most aspects of your event and may help you avoid any nasty surprises further down the line. Decoration event management, in particular, can be challenging as costs may suddenly spiral out of control with ambitious décor displays. There is little point in planning the most phenomenal event and realizing halfway through that you won’t be able to cover the basics.

4. Remain flexible

The only sure thing about planning an event is that there are often things out of your control, and you must be ready with a backup plan if your venue falls through, the star of your show falls ill, or you need to move your event to another date. The secret in how to plan an event lies in being adaptable and having the ability to think on your feet whilst coming up with creative solutions to sometimes quite challenging obstacles.

5. Assign responsibilities, be passionate, and employ a great team!

Being organized, selecting a winning team to help you achieve your goals, and being able to delegate are all key aspects of managing an event seamlessly. Be it creating the most exquisite table displays, or finding that iconic location, events are all about the energy and passion that you bring to the table that will elevate your event into a magical experience for your guests.

How to plan and manage an event