Team Building EventsTeam building events help the company as a whole become stronger. It creates trust, presents opportunities to display everyone’s skills, improves communication and builds a bond between co-workers.

When there is trust among employees, reliable relationships are formed. When there is trust, people feel safer to be vulnerable and honest about their capabilities. This creates room for growth and improvement in different areas for everyone.

Interacting in group activities allows everyone to shine in their area of expertise. Acknowledging individual strengths directly relates to maximizing your skills in the workplace, and lending a helping hand where needed.

An inviting environment is important to make people feel like they want to come to work and do their best. And we’re more inclined to show up for things when we’re happy with the people we’re surrounded by. Good energy between co-workers, on whatever level that may be, can greatly benefit productivity and overall moods in the workplace.

Steps to team building events:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Set a budget and plan
  3. Select a suitable time and place
  4. Select activities
  5. Invite employees and market internally
  6. Execute!

Ideas for team building events

  • Scavenger Hunt

Get the hearts racing and minds working as teams race to the final goal. Create an unforgettable experience for everyone to share. Adventure and childlike wonder remind us of how easily kids trust and befriend.

Benefits: This activity allows members to collaborate, think creatively and critically, and become confident in decision-making.

  • Escape Room

When working together as a team is your only hope of getting out, trust is offered as easily as a helping hand. Sharing knowledge speedily allows communication to flourish as withholding information is not an option in this game. This activity also creates room for everyone’s individual character to shine as the knowledge you share reveals who you are as a person. You might then walk away with a better understanding of who everyone is.

Benefits: problem-solving, teamwork, unity, trust, communication.

  • Virtual Team Challenges

These activities help teams who are separated come together and interact in a light-hearted manner and participate in games and challenges. Feeling disconnected or separate can take a hit on how we work together. So when given an opportunity to replace the emotion that’s removed by technology, it should be taken.

Benefits: easy to participate, keeps things light, adds interest.

Challenges to get your team started:

Knives Out Murder Mystery, Jewel Heist, Cluedo.

  • Wine & Cheese Tasting

Unwind and leave work at work while the team heads out to a beautiful location to bond as friends do. Different settings bring out different versions of people. In a relaxed environment people feel more comfortable to be a bit more of who they really are and this then builds trust and a pathway for communication.

To wrap things up…

Accepting that we are just human is a major step forward as a company. Removing the expectation to be perfect one hundred percent of the time actually results in better performance and as people feel there is room to be creative and build from mistakes. A very important aspect is to be open in communication about what the goals are and what the company strives for. When information is made clear, it’s easier to work collectively towards the goal and improve company culture.

Strive towards progress and help one another by incorporating healthy competition and acknowledging the efforts and lengths employees go to. Being rewarded for work done only betters future productivity and results.

Overall, we strive for the workplace to feel like a place you want to come to, with people you would like to surround yourself with. We spend the majority of our adult lives at work, it only makes sense that it is an accommodating environment for all!