The world of business is made up of different sectors that act according to their respective goals. Business and corporate events are therefore important for creating connections between the different sectors to ensure that the corporate world comes together and functions seamlessly. While serving as a point of connection, these events also aim to either inform, train, acknowledge, and/or sell.   

Join us as we review 12 different types of business and corporate events that you could host to bring the different sectors of your business together along with what goal each event is set out to achieve.

Events To Inform Or Educate

Business events that have an objective of informing its’ participants, function with the aim to share important information between colleagues and/or employees of a company gathered by their employer at either a:

1. Round Table Discussion

A round table discussion is a meeting which is based on a business discussion that is led by a single moderator. These types of events provide the space for various views and perspectives to be exchanged between participants concerning a particular business matter. A round table discussion is an informal event which is relatively small in scale and short in duration.

2. Shareholder Meetings

These events gather participants comprised of stockholders, directors and other shareholders where vital corporate matters concerning the company in question are discussed. The discussion conveys information to the above-mentioned attendees regarding the company’s earnings, any major business transformations, financial statements that require approval, potential changes to company bylaws that should be reviewed and elected officials that should be appointed.

3. Board Meetings

These are formal events which gather a company’s Board of Directors. Here the participants discuss strategy concerning company matters such as potential changes in any policies and, company and financial developments. Attendees are also offered the opportunity to discuss future business projects and plans.

4. Business Seminars

Programs which offer both valuable information and training concerning a particular topic are known as seminars. These events vary in size and commonly discuss subjects such as business strategy and personal development.

5. Conferences/ Conventions

A conference (or convention) is an event which gathers professionals belonging to the same industry and/or company, where discussions surrounding said industry take place. These discussions include talk of upcoming or current trends, new growth opportunities and offer the perfect opportunity for valuable information to be shared concerning the industry.  It is a common trait for these events to take place over several days where multiple sessions are hosted and attended.

6. Training Events/ Workshops

Corporate events with the objective of training its’ attendees aim to provide new techniques and methods to employees that aid in developing their skills to help ensure a smooth function of their business/company. These events include but are not limited to:

Events To Acknowledge & Celebrate

A factor which positively impacts job satisfaction levels is the recognition and appreciation of employees’ efforts, contributions and achievements. Acknowledge the traits of your employees at one of the below events.

7. Employee Appreciation Events

These informal events are hosted to acknowledge the efforts of a company’s employees and can take many forms – from full-blown staff parties to intimate gatherings. Employee appreciation events allow for companies to show that they value their employees and in turn, allow for said employees to feel seen.

8. Awards Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are hosted to celebrate a company’s top-performing employees, customers, stakeholders and suppliers. These events often boost morale and develop deeper interpersonal relationships between employees and employers.

9. Team Building Events

Team building events provide a setting where bonds between employees and employers are allowed to strengthen. These events not only strengthen bonds but also boost company and employee morale and greatly impact the efficient function of a company. Team-building activities usually break away from the formal setting that the participants are used to.

Events That Sell

An event can be used to promote the product or service of a business or company and ultimately have the potential of increasing its sales. Events with this objective include:

10. Product Launches

This event builds anticipation for a business’s up-and-coming product or service. Product launches have the objective to create an exciting buzz around the release of the new product or service in question. While the event is commonly hosted for retailers, the guestlist could also include the attendance of journalists, influencers, bloggers, etc.

11. Tradeshows

Think of tradeshows as an event that “shows trades”, in that this event brings together businesses belonging to the same industry with the aim of showcasing different and/or up-and-coming products or services. This event is a fun way to exhibit, display or show new products or services in either a public or private setting which can positively contribute to the growth of a company in that it can boost sales and increase awareness of one’s brand. 

Events For Connecting

Events can play a crucial role in fostering valuable connections within the corporate world.

12. Networking Events

These gatherings provide a platform for like-minded individuals and companies to come together, share ideas and collaborate. Attending networking events offers several benefits, including the opportunity to expand one’s professional network, exchange knowledge and insights and explore potential partnerships. Networking events also enhance brand visibility and credibility, as they allow businesses to showcase their products and services to a targeted audience. Moreover, these events promote unity within the industry by bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences, ultimately contributing to the smooth functioning of the corporate world.

Corporate events could range from large to small-scale events. Whether large, medium, or small, these gatherings are essential to ensuring that the business world runs smoothly. Its’ impact could not only affect the function of the industry in its entirety but also positively impact the individuals who make up the powerhouse that is the corporate world. These events represent more than just a means of discussing important business matters, they also represent unity. 

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