Exploring Urbantonic’s Full Range of Event Production Services

Everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to show off something that you took part in creating. Whether that be an abstract art exhibition, a new line of products or even a beautiful marriage, your creation has now become your baby and in proper parent fashion, you want to show the world how proud of it you are! There is no better way to do it than to host your own event that celebrates the results of your efforts.

But if you’ve never hosted a grand event before, you’re left with the golden question of where to start. Follow along as we list 5 essential services that we at Urbantonic believe (as well as offer) to ensure that your event runs seamlessly and is one that could be described as both memorable and fantastic!

1. Event Planning & Management

Hosting an event does not only start on its’ set day or time, but rather it starts immediately from its’ planning stage. It is because of this that both planning and executing an event successfully might be a little intimidating. Here, we see a successful event’s need for quality event management. This service ensures that you have a helping hand from your events’ planning stage up until (as well as during) the big day. While there is power in independence, make the job of planning and executing your event easier by getting the help of professional and experienced event organisers. These professionals will help take a load off of your back by seeing to the management of your event.

At Urbantonic, our team of experienced event organisers find great importance in seeing to the perfect execution of every detail of your event from start to finish. We handle everything from permits and venue hire to creative theming and 3D renders. With relationships with skilled external suppliers and in-house capabilities, we can assist with catering, AV, technical specialists, and even marquees. We happily help with on-site venue inspections, floor plans, costings, and vendor contracts. As your event organiser, our job is to make you feel as though anything is possible and everything is taken care of.

2. Hiring Solutions

An event should not only be an occasion full of wonderful experiences but also full of suitable resources. Items like its’ furniture, crockery, cutlery, etc., while small, majorly contributes to the fullness of a celebration, in that, it’s a factor that ensures that your guests are allowed to thoroughly enjoy the entirety of your special occasion. This is why hiring solutions are an essential service for hosting a seamless event.

At Urbantonic we offer all these essential items, equipment and furniture from our very own fully stocked warehouse, erasing the need for the tiring run-around. What’s better is that if we do not have the furniture or structures that you’re looking for, we’ve got a team of hardworking individuals who would be happy to make it for you!

3. Event Decorating Services

Part of what makes an event memorable is when it can visually portray the essence of the product, brand or even relationship being celebrated. You want your event to capture the true core of what it’s celebrating in the set theme or lack thereof. Whether that be in gold-rimmed champagne glasses, luscious and bright green plants or even little hats and/or silly glasses set in place at a photo booth, all these chosen items encapsulate the heart of what is being celebrated and is therefore important. It is because of this that the need for breathtakingly gorgeous event décor is essential.

Our team of talented décor professionals love working together with our clients from creating mood boards to sourcing plants, complimentary furniture and anything else they feel like would make the vision for your event come to life.

4. Bar Services For Events

The fourth service that we deem essential to a well-organised event is the availability of beverages, i.e., bar services. While the word bar includes access to alcoholic beverages, it is not limited to such. We believe that bar service is made for the sole purpose of ensuring that your guests aren’t left parched as they receive their food or even just to accompany their cheeky cigarette. Bar service includes access to a wide range of beverages, from an ice-cold beer to a warm mug of coffee. Not only does it include access to beverages, but it also allows the opportunity to add a pleasing aesthetic to your event, with a well-set-up bar decorated to compliment the ambience of your occasion.

At Urbantonic, we offer exactly this. Not only do we offer a wide range of drinks, but we go as far as creating themed beverages, bar set-up, bar structures, barmen and mixologists that would perfectly complement your special occasion. Our Beverage Manager is also available should you need guidance as to what would best fit your event.

5. Event Staffing Solutions

While equipment and order add to the smooth operation of your event, it would not be complete without the help of fellow human beings. Service staff, barmen and porters provide the opportunity for your guests to feel seen and add an element of warmth to your event. They allow you and your guests to take a break and relax, while they see to any potential need that might arise. It is because of this that event staffing is one of the five key services to ensuring that your event operates as a well-oiled machine.

We at Urbantonic understand this and it is why we offer our clients access to our large team of well-trained and experienced service staff, barmen and even mixologists. Their capabilities are not only limited to waitering but extend to assisting with function set-up, ushering and bartending. Our staff make having a happy guest, their number one priority and enjoy working for a smile.

Hosting an event should not be a hassle. At its’ core, your event will always be something that celebrates the hard work that went into creating something special. With more than 23 years of experience in the events industry, we can reassure you that the five services listed above make for seamless planning and an event that flows. After all, Urbantonic does Eventing, Simplified.