‘It’s the final countdown!’ Another year has come and gone and it is time to welcome 2023! No matter what kind of year you have had, it is time to celebrate what you have achieved or what you have made it through. Remember, tough times never last! I am all about welcoming the new year in style. I have had my fair share of New Years’ at home where I was in bed just after the countdown and quite frankly it is no fun. So here are a few tips on making your new years eve event a magical and memorable one.

Tip One – People are the party

Choosing the right people to celebrate your New Year’s eve with is so important. You could plan an incredible time, but it is always best to surround yourself with all the right people. For example, do not choose the quiet Uncle and Aunty who are bound to fall asleep shortly after the countdown. Or in my case, 11 pm, as they had sneakily turned all the clocks back by an hour… No a wonder I had not received any wishes…

Tip Two – Good Music 

Whether you will be playing background music or if you will be ‘squeaking some serious Tekkie’ having the right music is so important. Music is so important to any event and can quite honestly make or break your function. Take some time to consider what you would like to hear, as well as what your guests are interested in. One could make a New Year’s Eve playlist on Spotify or on Apple Music, ask your guests to send you their top ten songs and add their selections to your playlist. This will guarantee that everyone will be up on the dance floor and ‘shaking what their momma gave them!’

Tip Three – Get dressed up 

Having a theme for a New Year’s event is something that will add to the overall feel and festivities. One can go all in and have a festival theme event or keep it more casual with a ‘summertime feel’. Tropical shirts and floral lays are always a win. Having a dress-up event also adds to the excitement of the event. In the upcoming weeks, people can spend time planning their outfits, thus adding to the anticipation and excitement of the party! All in all, a good dress-up is always a ‘ jol’.