“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” I bet you sang that…

Mariah and Buble are back and it is time to “deck the halls”. Planning a Christmas party can be very stressful. As opposed to other events, this celebration seems to have a lot of pressure and heightened expectations. It is a celebration of religion, renewal, and loved ones and is the time to appreciate all those we cherish; no pressure!

Do not get me wrong, I adore my family, but there are certain members who I refuse to spend Christmas with if they are hosting. Whether it is your turn to plan the office party, host this year’s‘ Friendsmas’ or have the entire family descend on your home, you do not want to be the Grinch that stole all of the fun. Bringing out some festive games is a great way of keeping everyone entertained as well as adding a few surprise gifts into the mix. Everyone loves extra presents, no matter your age!

The Table Game – This is based on the traditional Secret Santa but with a cheeky twist. Everyone is asked to bring a gift, within a specific price range. The gift can either be something ‘normal’ or something silly. For example, I may buy a box of Chocolate whilst someone else has bought a toilet roll! The idea is to wrap the gift so that it looks like something different. All the gifts are to be placed at the centre of the table, with everyone seated around the table. There will be a hat with numbers in them, from the number one to the number of people in attendance. Everyone picks a number and will have a turn to select a gift in their order. Number one will choose a gift and open it. It is now number two’s opportunity to choose a gift. After selecting their gift and unwrapping it, they have the opportunity to switch with one or stick with their gift. And so the game goes! Here’s the catch. A gift can only be stolen twice. After it has been stolen twice, it is no longer up for grabs, so choose wisely. The last person to go has a selection of anyone’s gift, excluding the gifts that have been stolen twice. This game is loads of fun and causes a ton of laughter, but a word of warning, do not get too attached to what you have picked!

Another way to spice up your table game or your secret Santa game is by having a theme to follow. For example, ‘Summer loving decor.’ This way the gifts that are chosen all stick within a particular theme. Cousin Josh gets a beach towel, whilst Aunty Kim gets a funky beach hat. Always remember to set a strict budget so that the game is fair!