It is Summer time and also time for your big day! You have your ceremony covered but need an extra bit of guidance with regard to your reception. We have seen it all and  Urbantonic’s event specialists are here to help!

Summertime in South Africa is certainly Sunny but can also be unpredictable with strong winds and rain creeping in. But in all circumstances, you can trust me that it will be hot and humid. When planning your reception, and you would have already had this ticked off your list for your ceremony, always check the weather! Rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. For example,  it’s a good idea to hire hand-held parasols even if you don’t end up using them. Don’t let your guests melt in 30+ degrees!

You can bet that it will be warm. Like you, your guests also want to be comfortable in their dresses and suits, and there are so many ways of keeping your favourite people cool and comfortable. For example, have umbrellas/ parasols at every scattered cocktail table or lounge pocket so that your guest can avoid the sun and keep cool. Another clever tip or idea is to have miniature drinks stations around the reception area. These can be rustic wheelbarrows filled with ice-cold water, beers and spritzers.

As an event stylist as well as a professional bridesmaid (never the bride), there is nothing worse than ‘overheating’. It not only makes one uncomfortable but also distracts from the proceedings, as the individual is too focussed on not spontaneously combusting than on your adorable wedding speech. This is why airflow is so important! Many event venues will have aircon but in the event that they do not, always make sure that the doors are open and there is good ventilation. Hire a few floor-standing fans if you need to.

There will be singing, there will be dancing and there will be loads of celebrating! And whether you are as cool as a cucumber, you will always need to freshen up when hitting the bathrooms. A great idea for guests, that has been tried, tested and much appreciated, is having toiletries in the bathroom that are for the guests to ‘ freshen up.’ For example, have some mini deodorants, wet wipes, makeup wipes for the ladies and maybe a Panado or two. A mini first aid kit composed of plasters, hairpins and safety pins is brilliant for all wedding-induced injuries and mishaps.

Good luck and watch the weather report carefully as you count-down to your big day.